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student leadership and school council at kingswinford academy

Student Leadership and School Council

At Kingswinford Academy, we are proud to offer our students such an extensive range of student leadership opportunities. Student leadership is at the heart of the school empowering our learners to enhance character and personal potential.

As we prepare our students for life after school, our range of leadership opportunities brings a unique educational experience. In leading others, students can build inspiring connections with senior leaders, teaching staff and peers to continually improve the school. It also allows for active citizenship and to improve their own interpersonal and communication skills.

Form and Student Senate representatives

Our roles vary greatly. Students vote in their houses and tutor groups for their Form and Student Senate representatives. Form representatives assist the form tutor in daily activities such as the delivery of PSHE topics and run the weekly quiz. Student senators meet regularly both at school and trust level to discuss the environment and their latest initiatives.

Prefects and Senior Prefects

Prefects and Senior Prefects have a significant role in the day to day running of the school. Unlike Student Senators, these students are appointed by senior staff following an application process.  These are Year 10 and 11 leaders that have demonstrated exceptional qualities throughout their time at Kingswinford Academy.

We are proud to announce the appointment of our new Senior Prefect Team.  Congratulations to Sam and Karishma who have been selected as Head Boy and Head Girl and our Deputies Maiya-Jay and Grace. 

Student Leadership Projects this year:

Following last academic year's Trust-wide Student Senate Summit, our Ambassadors have identified the following priorities to develop:

  • Economy and Sustainability
  • Work within the local community
  • Continuing to develop and promote ASPIRE
  • Students' passions and talents
  • Mental health and well-being 

Leadership opportunities available for different subjects

Many other subjects offer their own leadership opportunities to aspiring leaders. Music and dance Leaders assist in lessons coaching other students and help to plan and organise events. Sports leadership is promoted throughout both key stages where students can progress from ‘Sports Volunteers’ to ‘Sports Ambassadors’ and ‘Sports Captains’. Reading Ambassadors promote a ‘reading buddies’ programme for students and Science Ambassadors 

A number of other alternative leadership groups have been developed to target specific areas of school life which are facilitated by and overseen by the Student Senate. These groups include Wellbeing Ambassadors, Career Ambassadors, Community Links Ambassadors, Eco-Warriors and Anti-bullying Ambassadors. Each group meet regularly to discuss their ideas and play an equal part in creating a vibrant and dynamic school culture.

At Kingswinford Academy, we are firmly committed to excel and challenge students both in terms of academic excellence and extra-curricular opportunity. We firmly believe that the vehicle of ‘leadership’ is helpful in nurturing values that create well-rounded citizens as they progress through school alongside their academic qualifications.