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Kingswinford Academy, Water Street, Dudley, West Midlands, DY6 7AD
Part of Windsor Academy Trust
kingswinford academy ethos and values

Ethos and Values

At Kingswinford Academy our vision is:

for all of our students to ASPIRE to Excellence.

we recognise that every child is full of potential and we strive to unleash that potential. We must realise the particular challenges, needs, skills and talents of all of our community and ensure that challenges are overcome, needs met, skills developed and talents nurtured.

We focus on both academic and personal development. We expect our students to make exceptional academic progress during their time at our school. Education is however about the whole child and our curriculum is designed to ensure that students can grow in all aspects of their life.

We achieve this through our whole school approaches shown in the table below.

Approach What this means How we do this
Excellent teaching and learning Enthuse, engage and inspire, every lesson, every day.
  • Teaching, not Fixing
  • Working together to develop our skills in the 10
  • Reflecting on our own practice and seeking
    personal and team improvement
  • Seeking out quality CPL
  • Recognising that the biggest improvements are
    through quality first teaching
  • Remembering that every lesson counts for every student
Excellent wellbeing Stay safe, pursue happiness
  • Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Making Safeguarding everyone’s first
  • Showing zero tolerance to Violence,
    Bullying, Discrimination, Defiance and
    Substance abuse (of any kind)
  • Making school a ‘safe place’ – emotionally, physically and mentally – both in and out of lessons
Excellent people and leadership

Architects of learning:

  • High expectations
  • Every child
  • No excuses
  • Lead learners
  • No islands
  • The Strength & Virtue of Collective Endeavour
  • Sharing a clear & strong vision
  • Holding High Expectations of ourselves and
    each other
  • Recognising our responsibilities
  • Diagnosing performance accurately
  • Improving performance effectively
ASPIRE for excellence

All of our students will ASPIRE for excellence:

  • Active in their learning
  • Sure they can improve
  • Positive in their attitude
  • Imaginative in their thinking
  • Resilient when things to wrong
  • Effort - giving 100%
  • Ensuring that there are opportunities for
    students to show these attributes
  • Offering a Curriculum and Extra-curricular
    activities to support these values
  • Committing to ‘the Pledge’
  • Actively working to build Character
  • Offering opportunities to develop leadership
  • Offering students quality careers guidance and
    destination support
Prepared for excellence All of our students will prepare for excellence.
  • Praising students regularly when they get it
  • Offering rewards and awards for the
  • Maintaining very high expectations for all
  • Being clear, consistent, firm and fair when
    they go wrong
  • Remembering they are all children

Achieve excellence 

All of our students will achieve excellence.
  • Setting highly aspirational targets
  • Believing that those targets are achievable
  • Accurately and reliably assessing progress
  • Comprehensively diagnosing WWW & EBI
  • Offering bespoke and thorough delivery and
    intervention to close gaps