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Kingswinford: Celebrating Academic Excellence in Our Community

23rd October 2023

 Kingswinford Academy has once again secured a coveted position near the very top of the performance tables, which are measured by the ‘progress’ our learners make. 

 Understanding Progress: Why It Matters

To many, the term "progress" in school might sound abstract. In simple terms, progress measures how much a student has developed academically, compared to where they started. Think of it as a gauge of how much value the school has added to a student's learning journey. Why is it important? Well, a good progress score indicates that, irrespective of a student’s starting point, the school has supported them effectively, helping them to achieve at or beyond the expected level. At Kingswinford Academy, we believe every child can excel, and our progress score is a reflection of our commitment to making that belief a reality.

 You can see the full league tables here: Dudley Local Authority Performance Tables

 What Sets Us Apart

Consistent Excellence: This ranking, though a number, reflects our dedication to academic excellence, the commitment of our inspiring staff and the positive attitudes to learning demonstrated by our students..

 Beyond Academics: Kingswinford Academy believes in nurturing every child's potential, ensuring they unlock not just their academic, but also their personal potential, to become all and more than they ever thought they could be.

 Community Spirit: Our achievements are a testament to the collective efforts of our teachers, students, parents, and the broader community. We truly are stronger together.

 A Word from Our Headteacher, Ian Moreton:

 "In every child, we see a world of potential. At Kingswinford Academy, it's our mission and our passion to nurture that potential into excellence. To see this recognised in the performance tables once again is a testament to the journey we're on together."

 While we cherish these accomplishments, we understand that education is about much more than rankings. We encourage parents and students to delve deeper into what makes a school truly exceptional. Every child’s progress is a journey, and it’s essential to choose a school that understands and nurtures this journey.

 Windsor Academy Trust: The Trust Dividend

 At Kingswinford Academy, we take immense pride in being part of the esteemed Windsor Academy Trust. This affiliation brings with it a consistent track record of school improvement. The Trust's dedication to uplifting the standards of education is evident not just in our recent achievements but also in the remarkable accomplishments of other schools within the Trust. A shining example is Windsor High School and Sixth Form, which, like us, proudly stands near the very top of performance tables. Our collective success is a testament to the combined efforts, resources, and expertise that the Trust brings into the educational landscape.