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Kingswinford Academy Dance Showcase

3rd July 2023

On Thursday 29th June Kingswinford Academy held their ‘Summer Dance Showcase’ that brought together 40 students from Year 7 to Year 11. These students have worked so hard this year to prepare for the show showing great resilience, creativity and courage. There were performances from KS3 and KS4 Dance Company, 9 Dance Scholars, Year 10 GCSE Dance students who showcased their GCSE Mock choreographies and two Year 11 GCSE Dance students who came back into school for one last show at Kingswinford!

The performances offered a diverse range of dance styles from Contemporary and Jazz to Street and Ballet. GCSE students had the opportunity to present their choreography exam work along with a Year 7 Dance Scholar who trains with the Midlands Theatre Ballet performed a beautiful solo to Aladdin’s Dream and Dance of the Morning Mist. Two of our Year 9 Dance Leaders worked collaboratively together to create and teach a commercial routine to a mixture of KS3 and KS4 students who performed the lively and flamboyant incredibly. 

One of the many incredible performances of the evening was ‘Heart of Stone’. This was performed by a Music and Dance Scholar who sung the hit from the musical ‘SIX’. Whilst she was singing, a quartet performed alongside her bringing the beauty of the Arts together. 

One highlight of the show was when the music being played to ‘Hot Stuff’ from the School Production ‘Disco Inferno’ stopped abruptly mid dance. Instead of standing still, the students performing decided to sing the rest of the song whilst dancing and getting the audience involved. This just shows what talented and professional young individuals we have who are a credit to Kingswinford Academy. 

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