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maths curriculum at kingswinford academy


The Mathematics department strives to equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge to be able to solve problems, think logically and cope with numerical challenges in everyday life.

We believe all pupils are capable of achieving high standards and become able mathematicians. We follow a mastery approach to teaching and learning and believe pupils need to be fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics before moving on.

We develop conceptual understanding so that students can recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately to new problems. Students are regularly challenged with rich and sophisticated tasks before any acceleration through new content.

Staff work in close collaboration with each other across Windsor Academy Trust to plan and deliver the curriculum using the most impactful teaching techniques. Research, resources and ideas are regularly shared among the team to enhance our teaching and offer students variety in lessons.

Key Stage 3 Maths curriculum

Years 7 and 8 students study our Mathematics Mastery Curriculum. Students will study 12 Mathematical Big Ideas:

  • Graph plotting 1 and 2
  • History of Mathematics 1 and 2
  • Algebraic notation
  • Non-calculator number skills
  • 3D shapes
  • Formulae
  • Equations
  • Constructions
  • The Handling Data cycle
  • Proportionality

Some of the Big Ideas involve delving into history and exploring the origins of various Mathematical concepts and standard operating methods. This gives an exciting insight into the subject. We use practical teaching methods across numerous Big Ideas, in particular, geometry, which is investigated through practical constructions.

In Year 9 Students following a bridging scheme of work to prepare them for GCSE. This introduces new topics and working on key concepts developed in Key Stage 3, while drawing on and developing core skills from the GCSE specification.

Key Stage 4 Maths Curriculum

All students follow the Edexcel Mathematics GCSE syllabus. Students take their GCSE at the end of Year 11 at either the foundation or higher tier of entry.

The GCSE syllabus is broken into 5 topic areas: number, algebra, ratio, geometry and probability and statistics.

Building on skills learnt at Key Stage 3, students learn to solve complex problems and build fluency in their mathematical approaches. Problem solving makes up 40% of the foundation tier examinations and 50% of the higher tier examinations. The remainder of each exam tests mathematical fluency.

Students will be assessed in three written papers each contributing 33% to the final grade. Examinations are 1 hour 30 minutes long for both Higher and Foundation and assess topic areas with the below weightings. Only the first paper is non-calculator, with a scientific calculator being essential for the second and third papers.

Topic Foundation Higher
Number 25% 15%
Algebra 20% 30%
Ratio 25% 20%
Geometry 15% 20%
Probability and statistics 15% 15%

Additional information


All students are formally assessed at the end of each term with a Key Assessment Task (KAT) in order to monitor their progress and identify strengths and weaknesses. Topic based formative assessments are in the form of Key Learning tasks (KLTs) focusing on fewer objectives. Students are given next step tasks following an assessment to work on areas of underperformance. GCSE groups also use ‘Pinpoint learning’ online to work on exam questions they need further practice.

Students are set broadly based on their performance and movements between sets are carried out at appropriate points during the year using assessment data. All homework is set weekly to either monitor the progress and understanding of a topic or as a research task where students begin the introductory work at home.

Maths Clinic

We operate a popular weekly Maths Clinic to support those in need of extra support and stretch the very able. This runs every Tuesday Lunchtime and is supported by maths teachers and student ambassadors. Students can come along with specific work they need support on or just the name of the topic they would like to improve and we will supply the active support and resources.


In addition to the basic equipment, all students in Key Stage 3 and 4 are expected to arrive with a protractor, compass and scientific calculator. We encourage students to purchase the Casio FX- 85GT PLUS for ease of use and familiarity amongst staff and students.