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student expectations and rewards at kingswinford academy

Student Expectations and Rewards

Students at Kingswinford Academy, have the opportunity to earn house points in their lessons. This is facilitated and monitored through the Class Charts app.

As part of our 'prepared for excellence' model, there is a real emphasis on students being rewarded for the hard work and endeavour that they show in class. They are also encouraged to help around school and to take part in extracurricular activities.

Student reward categories

A teacher can select from the following categories (1 house point per lesson).

Active– In learning and in life (contribute to the school’s ethos. This is the category to use when a student is rewarded for extracurricular participation, helping out at parents evenings etc. Up to 5 points can be given for this)

  • SureDemonstrate confidence in your ability 
  • Positive Contribute to learning and life in school
  • Imaginative Be creative and brave in lessons
  • Resilient Keep on going. Have belief that you will succeed (this may be a student who has struggled personally as well)
  • Effort - Always give the best you can in every lesson (Going that extra mile personally)

House Hero awards (10 points)

On a weekly basis, a Head of House or Senior Leadership Team member will award a student in each house for showing a consistently excellent approach to learning.

The awards will be given out in assemblies and are named after the following local heroes: Frank Foley - Krypton, Charles Coulsen - Helium, Rachael Heyhoe Flint - Neon and Mary Percy Jackson- Argon. 

Fletcher’s Favourites (10 points)

One student from each house will receive a half termly award from the Deputy Headteacher.  

100% Weekly Attendance Award (1 point a week )

The attendance office will award on a weekly basis a house point to every student who has 100 % attendance in the previous week.

100% Half Term Attendance Award (10 points a week)

A bonus 10 points is available to anyone who completes a whole half term without being off.


There are six ASPIRE postcards that students can collect for showing the characteristics and qualities of ASPIRE:

  • Active in our learning
  • Sure we can improve
  • Positive in our attitude
  • Imaginative in our thinking
  • Resilient when things go wrong 

When all six are collected the form tutor and the Head of House will be notified on class charts that the student has collected all six. This student will then go into a draw for a Chromebook.

ASPIRE Cards (5 points for each card)

Cards should only be given out to students when they have repeatedly demonstrated these actions over a period of time. If a student in a class has been awarded house points for being Active 10 times in a term then they should be receiving a card.

Awards Evening

Our Awards Evening is held in July every year. It recognises students who have demonstrated on a number of occasions their ability to follow the principles of ASPIRE and also recognises extraordinary students in both Key Stage 3 and 4. Students are nominated by their teachers and the Local Advisory Board are in attendance on the evening. 

Purchasing rewards with house points

Students have the opportunity to purchase rewards with their house points. These rewards are clear on Class charts and students will know exactly how many points they need for each reward. House points work as a form of currency so students will decide how they want to spend their points. 

Rewards can be viewed on Class Charts.

 rewards poster 2

WAT Pledge Award

Form tutors will now use class charts to update their forms progress and status with the WAT pledge. When a student completes all 12 pledge activities, Class charts will notify the Head of house and will trigger automatically a 25 point award.

WAt Pledge Platinum Award

An award given to any student who completes all 12 requirements of the Pledge. This award will most likely be given out at Year 11 Presentation Evening and will be subject to HOH verification. The award is worth 25 house points.

The Work Experience Commendation Award

Satisfying an important part of the WAT Pledge, the commendation award goes to students who excelled in their placements in Year 10. Year 11 tutors will need to input these on Class charts.

The Local Hero Award

A rare award that is received on special occasions. Students who show ‘extraordinary’ community service will receive such an honour. 

Please note that all rewards are subject to change and updates will be sent out to parents, students and teachers when they happen. Point tallies per reward are subject to review and may change to meet the needs of all students.