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COVID-19 Catch Up Premium

Kingswinford Academy Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium Strategy Statement 2021-22

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Kingswinford Academy Accelerated Learning Programme 2020-21

Our ‘Emerging Stronger’ response to COVID-19 has been carefully and extensively planned. A key part of this response has been the creation of a detailed and focused ‘Accelerated Learning’ plan. The plan sets out our strategies to ensure that the COVID-19 interruption does not impact on students reaching their academic and personal potential. In the table below you can see a streamlined summary of our accelerated learning plan strategies.

Kingswinford Academy - Accelerated Learning Programme 2020-21


How will the grant be spent?

How will we assess the impact of the grant on educational attainment?

Achieve Excellence Programme - An intervention programme for all students that includes in school mentoring (‘Champions’ League’ programme); After school [Period 7] provision; Parents’ information evenings 

The academic year is split into 3 cycles. At the end of each cycle a Key Assessment Task (KAT) is undertaken by all students in all subjects which are moderated across WAT.

At Key Stage 3 these are compared with standardised assessments (GL assessment, No More Marking)

At Key Stage 4 these are compared with national exam performance, formal mock examinations using past papers and mark schemes

Impact of both X code absence and intervention approach on assessment performance, attendance, and behaviour data and information will be assessed.

Summer Schools Targeted intervention in key subjects for students who have struggled to access remote learning or who have gaps in their learning; Transition activities for vulnerable students in year 6/7 transition; re-engagement activities for other vulnerable students

Study Skills programme - Study skills instruction for year 11 and Year 10 students provided by external agency. Lessons learned from this programme will inform development of in house learning skills tuition for all year groups.

Saturday Schools - Provision of additional tuition from existing teaching staff for targeted year 7 and 8 students  in Maths or English. Tuition will prioritize vulnerable and disadvantaged students 

Holiday Schools - Examination preparation for year 11 students, with specific incentives and encouragement for those with learning gaps or who are vulnerable; Accelerated Learning intervention for all year groups

Academic Mentoring - Recruitment of Teach First academic mentor (Maths) and provision of out of hours mentoring from existing Kingswinford Academy staff to provide support and intervention for target students/groups of students in all year groups (prioritising year 11) in key subjects.

Small Group/Individual tuition programmes - Faculty Director tuition: individual and small group tuition and intervention withdrawing students from form time; National Tutoring Partners: focussed intervention in small groups for targeted Disadvantaged students to close learning gaps

Welfare and Behaviour Mentoring - 4 in school mentors are employed at the school to provide behaviour and welfare intervention training to support positive wellbeing, mental health and behaviour approaches.

Accelerating Learning - Powered by Digital Technology  

This has included the following investment: Google Enterprise Education G-Suite, staff devices, student devices, staff training, content development (e.g. Digital Hub), safety software and a range of equipment (e.g. charging and storage solution)